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Renewed Focus on Academic Excellence

Join us as we renew our district's focus - providing our students with a world-class public education by being a voice for our community and an advocate for our students, parents, teachers and neighbors. 

The Domin Leadership Principals:​ A, B, C

  • Academic Achievement & Accountability - A data driven focus on the programs & strategies that restore Mahtomedi as the benchmark of educational excellence.

  • Back to Basics - STEM, Language Arts, and Humanities intentionally focused on post-secondary preparation 

  • Connection-centric Curriculum - A focus on that which connects us:  Community, Empathy, Kindness


Meet Ryan

Ryan is a 3rd generation Mahtomedi Alumnus - class of 1998.  He and his wife Jessica moved home to the Mahtomedi district in 2011 where they are raising their 3 daughters, Alexa (9 - OH Anderson), Whitney (5 - Wildwood) & Kendall (3 - pre K at the DEC).  Ryan is a 20 - year business professional in the software industry, helping enterprises leverage their data to make more informed business decisions.  Ryan is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Education.  Ryan, a passionate Zephyr and proud Father of 4th generation Zephyrs has volunteered in multiple capacities - school activities, field trips, youth soccer and football. 


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