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Working Toward Focused Improvement

By supporting this effort, you can help keep Mahtomedi Public Schools focused on providing a world class education for our children. It's supporters like you that can help us make a meaningful impact within OUR community's district for our kids, our friends' and neighbors' kids and future generations.

100% of your donation will go directly to producing marketing materials like yard signs and digital advertising.


All donations are appreciated - Thank you on behalf of 'Domin for Mahtomedi.'

Venmo (click here): Or open your Venmo app and press the 'scan' button right above 'home' in the lower left corner of your screen.  Or, hit 'Pay or Request' and enter @domin-for-mahtomedi


Please mail a check to:
'The Campaign Fund of Ryan Domin'

PO Box 655

Willernie MN 55090

Donate Today!

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